I love to “people watch.”

I am oftentimes quiet, but I’m paying attention.  I sometimes listen while I wait in the check-out line;  I watch as you walk by.

Sometimes you tell me your story; Other times I try to read it in your face, or the way you move and carry yourself.

Some stories are passed on to me by others.

I offer my life experience, for better or worse, and you are invited to respond with yours.


I am originally from Cleveland, Tennessee- close to Chattanooga.  I now live in Traverse City of Cherry Festival fame.

I’ve spent most of my adulthood as a serious-minded individual with a spontaneous sense of humor, though I cannot tell a joke- any attempt usually creates a sound- void, followed by crickets.

I sometimes make lousy first impressions.

I’m a girly-girl, but haven’t always looked the part.

I fulfilled a lifelong dream of going to college (Lee University) where I earned a BA in Psychology and planned to get a Master’s degree specializing in counseling individuals leaving abusive religions and suppressive organizations. The most familiar, well-publicized examples that come to most people’s minds include  Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite;  Remember the Hale-Bop Comet?   These are “extreme” examples.  But the requirements of lesser known groups can be just as damaging.

Clarification:  I am in no way anti-religious;  I am however anti-abuse.

During my undergraduate years,  I helped facilitate support groups for many brave people who made a choice to question their respective authorities and oftentimes lost lifelong friends and family in the process.   I toured and planned an internship at Wellspring Retreat in Ohio, one of the only facilities at that time that specialized in Religious abuse, led by the late Dr. Paul Martin.

Then I became very ill, and my life plans changed within a weeks time.  Two semesters into working on a Master’s Degree, I left schooling and eventually returned to my creative profession of floristry because it made me feel good;  I  also began creating and selling belts, antiques, and I have no regrets, though I’m still interested in social problems and ways to empower others.

Managing my illness is a creative process as well, sometimes daunting; The side effects of treatment are oftentimes a challenge.  I do my best to have a sense of humor regarding it all and most of the time I succeed.  From time to time, I feel misunderstood.  Maybe my experience can help someone else.

I am a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild and have had an online business since 2006;

I Love history and antiques;

I have a strange love for burlesque.

I enjoy music of all types;

I love the subject of blacksmithing, wood and metals, because my dad and I have always bonded over the topic of tool-making and wrought iron.  I am his honorary apprentice.

I love the written word and have quite a collection of books, and own quirky titles such as “How to Dress for Every Occasion by the Pope,”   “The Pop-up Book of Phobias,” and “Very Bad Poetry.”  Though serious titles have their place too.

I could spend a day browsing in the bookstore.

I love to read online advice columns, and looking at the fold-out maps inside National Geographic.

I would much rather assemble a piece of pressed-wood furniture than bake an apple pie.

I love creating belts with antique buckles.

I love people, and prefer small groups to huge parties.

I am a “behind the scenes” kind of gal- this is where I thrive, where my strengths and skills are, though I do try to expand my borders.

Writing is my favorite hobby and I love “people stories.”

I recently completed a weight loss challenge and am now focused on living a healthy lifestyle. I love TurboKick!

You are here- my blog:


Interesting read regarding burlesque: http://www.kittie.me.uk/funny-ha-ha-or-funny-peculiar-a-guide-to-classical-burlesque/



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