The Thunderstorm That Lived Next Door

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What Happens to Us

As a child, we lived next to a jerk.  Big John was a bear of a man with a mousy wife named Bessie and a little boy named Little John.  Think of a man who had to bellow and berate to feel alive.  Think of a mouse about five-foot-nothing and greying hair.  Think of a little boy who was afraid all the time.  Those were the neighbors.

Early on, John made enemies of us.  He built a common fence without asking us or consulting on the design and then demanded that we pay 50%.  My parents refused.  A prodigious silence ensued between our families for the rest of our days in that house, which lasted another 17 years.  We didn’t want to have anything to do with them.  We felt they were below us.

To us kids, John was the grouchy man who lived next door.  When my friends and…

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