No Forest, No Trees

Told to me by an acquaintance:

“My neighbor, an awesome man- may he rest in peace- he fought in the Second World War with the 101st Airborne.

Once he said:

‘Can you imagine it?  I was only 19 years old, just a kid.  I was dropped into the Black Forest.  And there was something in the air, this horrid smell.  We all knew what it was.  We were near Dachau Concentration Camp.  That’s something you never forget.”

The same acquaintance followed with this story:

True Story

“This guy who was sitting in the bar with a special forces jacket on, and these guys-they are tough;  they get the job done, I mean, they are the real bad asses, the police of the troops.

and these locals walk by all cocky, making derogatory comments regarding the military.

One asked:

“I heard you can kill people in 100 different ways.”

Special Forces guy responds: “Pick a Number.”

Uncle John

My uncle John, Pictured above, served in WW2 Guarding Nazi prisoners of war.  He was my dad’s stepbrother but more like a surrogate father, and a frequent visitor in our home.  When John was a young boy, he was accused of stealing from a local grocery by the owner. John insisted he was innocent, but was sent to reform school and suffered abuse there which he never disclosed in detail.  Later, the thief was identified, and the store owner, instead of admitting his mistake, said regarding John:  “Oh well, reform school will probably do him  good.”  John was released soon after, but not without affect.


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