I love this whimsical Photograph of Grace Withrow.   She was my Middle School Literature teacher who fed my love for books.  She once said there was no sense in wasting the perfectly good line on the top of my notebook paper. I’ve used it ever since.

I found this photograph on a Memorial Website after reading her obituary in the local paper.  I don’t recall her smiling so giddily and understandably so, considering our stage in life.   She was always matter-of-fact and didn’t tolerate nonsense.  Everyone was curious as to how she lost one arm but none dared to ask, but explanations grew as the year passed.   Once, The boy sitting behind me tossed his pencil at my crotch as I stood up.  This caught her eye, and before I replied she said to the girls sitting with him, loud enough for the entire class to hear:

If I was any kind of lady at all, I would not keep company with a boy who treats a girl like that…”


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